Harbortouch smart-POS Solutions

Introducing the world's 1st smart-POS Solution from Harbortouch/Shift4.  The product line offers state of the art, touch-screen POS solutions.  Call US TODAY!  It has tools to guide you decisions towards being more profitable.  It makes sense, because it was created  to help you make dollars!

Introducing SkyTab

This is a game changer!  Call us TODAY

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Harbortouch Echo

Echo is a robust solution for small to mid-sized business environments- like coffee shops, bakeries, greeting-card shops, mall kiosks and other similar business applications.  It is a smaller POS package, yet it packs a huge punch! 


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We Guarantee the Lowest Merchant Processing Rates Available.


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We put our best rate guarantee in black & white, & on paper.  Our FREE rate analysis can help eliminate the red from your balance sheet.  Don't keep bleeding-out profits because of 1000 tiny cuts.  It's your money, so you should keep it. 

POS Solutions

Regardless of the practical application [ Hospitality, Retail, Salon & Spa, or QSR ] we have a smart, simple solution.